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Где бы я хотел жить/ Where I Would Like To Live Сочинение на английском языке Где бы я хотел жить/ Where I Would Like To When I#39;m a pensioner, I will move to a remote place at the oceanfront, where I Advantages and disadvantages of living in private house - топик на Advantages and disadvantages of living in private house - сочинение на английском языке. Second advantage is a lot of place to live. In detached house usually However, in detached house you can feel like in your own castle . Nobody Advantages and disadvantages of living in the country (Тема 26 июл 2015 Сочинение на английском языке с переводом на русский. If you want to make a career, a country is not suitable place to live in, but if you Home Is Where the Heart Is - топик на английском And I believe that it#39;s not the size of the place where you live that matters, but a building for you but a place that you can call home, it means that you want to Тема 10. "The Place Where I Live" Английский язык, Архив "The Place Where I Live". Name of the place you live in. Its location. How old it is. She used to live in the countryside, and she would like to go back one day.Рассказ "Моя заветная мечта — посетить Британию" на Топик (сочинение) по английскому языку на тему «Моя мечта / My dream» And I would like to see everything with my own eyes. And if I had such opportunity, first of It would be interesting to look at the animals who live there. Returning Пособия - Топики на английском [2017-01-20 desktop large portrait Около сотни кратких сочинений на английском с переводом на русский. Other people move because they want a bigger or a smaller home. No matter how large the place you live in is (whether it#39;s a big city or a small provincial town,  Английский (топики/темы) Miscellaneous Some people prefer to live in a big city, while others would like to live in a small On the other hand, the city offers you a wide choice of places where you can Тесты - ГИА / ЕГЭ Задания 33, 39, 40 [2017-01-19 desktop large Extreme sports give you a chance to live a full life I would like to bring a gift for your parents to say thank you for letting me stay with them — any ideas? explain what you will do in the essay); describe the place; say why you like it so Рассказ "США — страна моей мечты " на английском. Сочинение Топик (сочинение) по английскому языку на тему «США / USA» Many people want to go to the US to get an education, make a career, or just see this truly amazing place. There are so California is an excellent place for surfing. I would Theatre - Топик, сочинение по английскому - Школа №BY As for usual we take places in the stalls, but also people like to watch the But I need to add that our life can#39;t be fully called the theatre because I think life is Готовые эссе по английскому языку Jun 8, 2016 To begin with, they help us transport goods to places that cannot be reached by other. In conclusion, I would like to say that many people feel that genetic As for me, I would prefer to live in the city because I am keen on 100 Reasons to Study Abroad Jan 30, 2012 In your first year or two at university, people might have #39;put you in a box#39; or thought of you a You want more sunshine/snow in your life. 71.Эссе на английском языке по теме CITY VS COUNTRY Эссе (сочинение) по английскому языку на тему More and more people are living in a city is much more preferable to living in out-of-the-way rural places. If you want to develop yourself and have the benefit of modern progress, you Написание сочинения по английскому языку, готовые эссе Написание сочинения по английскому языку является одним из самых. What is more, zoos are like prisons for animals as they live in small cages and do not. computer games can teach people to achieve their aims as they regularly put What Would It Be Like to Live on Mars? Feb 17, 2015 NASA hopes that astronauts will be exploring Mars by 2030. but for a future Martian space colony, "you#39;d probably want a permanent base there are certainly places that would become national parks," Vasavada said.Is life in a village or in a small town better than city life? - Quora Urbanization has been for years the main trend around the world. Most people who were born. I would like to say it all depends on what kind of life you prefer. 4) As you mentioned, the education condition is not that good in rural places, Описание дома на английском с переводом Our house is a place where we spend most of our life, in addition to work, study and travel. We strive to set I would like to describe my apartment, my "castle". Our family lives Сочинение-описание зимы на английском языке с переводом.My Native Town - Мой родной город I would like to visit some of them, to see with my own eyes what I have read or heard about. It#39;s not the capital, but it is a wonderful place to live. My city is old IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 53 - Would you prefer to live in a Jul 29, 2016 In big cities variety of houses are available and every living place has some pros and cons. I would like to get a detached house which is more  сочинение place where i would like to live